ESNG Exhibition 2016 – a month to go!

It’s a month to go to the 2016 ESNG show.  And it’s the usual time when I wonder what I’ve forgotten to organise!  I think it’s all there.  We have the layouts, the traders, the hall and the insurance.  Publicity has been sent to all the UK magazines and web-sites (I don’t think we need to bother with the overseas ones.)

A few tasks are still to sort out.  Organising the members to staff the door and parking and the like need attention – but is not dissimilar to herding cats.  And I need to get a fix on the catering, as unfortunately Ian and Lily, who did such a good job last year, are escaping to a family wedding in Malaysia.

Finally, I need to check out the school hall with the caretaker, otherwise known as the ESNG treasurer.  The school is being extended, and the contractor has stolen a lot of car parking space.  Never mind, we’ll manage!

And there is one major action needed on my part – I have some plywood sitting in the lounge and the PECO track is in the loft, to knock up another N-mod end loop.  Two of the three end loops that are owned by club members have the problem that they us 9″ minimum radii.  And long trains, or just long coaches, don’t always cope with them.  Our third loop has about a 15″ radius, and just about any commercial ‘N’ gauge offering goes round that.  I’m settling for PECO Set-Track 3rd and 4th radius, up to 13 1/4″ radius, that should be good for almost any stock.

Better get up the loft and get modelling!

2016 flyer single

And here’s the floor plan…..

ESNG_2016_1 ESNG_2016_2

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