ESNG meeting – 16 March 2016

We thought that we were not going to run trains on Wednesday.  At the PlayDay, the points had stopped working on the fiddle yard, and we feared that the CDU had failed.  So Derek, Derek and Ian had the board upside down, prodding the electrics.  Fortunately, a failed CDU was actually a stuck push-button switch, stuck in the on position and continually discharging the capacitor.  A little fettling and I think a new switch fixed that.

Fortunately Bruno had brought along his Lego train, and a number of members quickly gathered around to offer advice.  The working locomotive and also the working crane were most impressive.  For the members, any train will do…..



We were unsure about the Health & Safety aspects of the cattle truck.  Operative nose to nose with a large bull AND wearing a red shirt.  This did allow us to work out the prototype though – must be Mexican railways, with American stock and bullfighting.


Having fixed the fiddle yard, we had gathered 11 members, so quickly put up a circuit.  The tracks soon filled up with a variety of stock.  The punters captured below seem to be very interested in something….



The tracks soon filled up, but here we are at start of play, with Paul’s Japanese stock (plus a speeding Deltic) first into operation.  All in all a good evening.  A good turn-out, a sociable time, some essential repair work, and a good running night.

WP_20160316_20_43_55_Pro WP_20160316_20_46_11_Pro




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