Reigate 2020

I have failed t0 date to track down a plan showing where platform 0 at Redhill is going to be.  However, I did find this plan from 2014 by Mark Townend, showing Reigate modified to take 12-car trains and also to have a bay.


There is currently quite a fuss about the bay, and the possibility of losing car parking spaces.  From the Sorry Error Surrey Mirror recently:

NETWORK Rail is planning to build another platform at Reigate station.

Currently both platforms are too short to accommodate a larger train that will form the Thameslink services to London Bridge.

However Reigate Society’s chairman for transport Bruce Healey told the Mirror it is against the potential plans for the platform, which will be built on car park space…..

The point of platform 3 is that in 2018 trains from Reigate can only go to London Victoria and not London Bridge since there will be fixed longer formations of 12 coach trains and Reigate does not have the capacity unless trains go halfway across the level crossing…..

After our two failures at building Reigate as an ESNG club layout, perhaps this proposed layout could make an N-club module?  Below are a couple of shots at the first Reigate layout, now deceased.  Platform 3 would be in the foreground, where the goods yard used to be, and where the car park is situated.



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