Gallic inspiration

You may have come across Emmanuel Nouaillier’s brilliant structure modelling in the Continental Modeller, with step by articles on how to build dilapidated structures.  I came across his website, that doesn’t have all the detail of his articles, but nonetheless contains some inspiring modelling.  It’s also a good chance to practice your modelling French!

… Je continue comme prévu avec une première partie de séquence assez longue visant à imiter le placard Polaroil avec son ours et pour lequel je vais pas mal jouer avec le ruban de masquage. Cette réclame va vraiment donner tout son cachet ou du moins une grosse dose “d’authenticité” au fronton, tout en ajoutant un contraste vraiment très marqué, ce qui est fort appreciable.

… I continue as initially planned with the first of this rather long stage to imitate the Polaroil advert. with its white bear. I will have to use masking tape many times to succeed at making it the most perfect possible. This wall-ad will give the façade its ” authentic ” aspect and in the same time a rather strong welcome contrast.

This is how it came out…..

GAR 04

And this is the sort of building featured on the site….


Pure inspiration, but it sometimes makes me want to give up!  Perhaps there are too many distractions in my life?


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