Epic railway FAIL

From the Daily Telegraph.

Noel Gallagher snubbed Trainspotting soundtrack ‘as he thought film was about railway enthusiasts’

Noel Gallagher missed out on featuring on the soundtrack for Trainspotting because he thought the film was about railway enthusiasts, it has emerged.

Director Danny Boyle was said to be desperate for Gallagher and his band Oasis to do a song for the 1996 movie starring Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Ewen Bremner.  The soundtrack of the film became a huge hit and featured fellow Britpop bands Blur and Pulp as well as US music stars Iggy Pop and Lou Reed.

However, the singer-songwriter turned down the chance to feature in the film about Edinburgh heroin addicts as he did not want to be associated with a film he thought was about train spotters…..

Fleming then said: “I met Noel at a thing the other week and he said to me: ‘I would have done something, but honestly I thought it was about train spotters. I didn’t know.’ That’s what he actually said.”

It’s sad when we have stars such as Rod Stuart, Neil Young and Phil Collins well established in the hobby, and Pete Waterman running a company producing superb ‘O’ gauge kits…..  But Oasis are not up to scratch….

Depress yourself and read the whole article.

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2 Responses to Epic railway FAIL

  1. smoppett says:

    I find it disturbing he didn’t want to be involved in a film about trains but would be involved in a film about violence and drug abuse. Still the biggest rivals to Oasis at the time was Blur and they were on the record.


  2. Chris Mears says:

    Funny to read a bit more of the background. I still really enjoy listening to the soundtrack from this film. It’s among my favourite soundtracks. I’m an Oasis fan but can’t find a place on the Trainspotting soundtrack where I can hear their music – so not missing, so much, that they weren’t there.




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