Christmas greetings

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Christmas 2016.

This is perhaps one’s ideal for Christmas – steam and snow….


But this may be more like it – critical sections of the railways closed while they try and catch up with maintenance on the track.  This is a good shot for the modeller – but not for the traveller.  Of course there is no good solution – there is little business travel or commuting over Christmas, but people are trying to get to visit family…..




(Photos creative commons.)

Hope you get all the trains you wanted for Christmas (well, not all – I’ve never found a railway enthusiast who had enough trains), and find a little modelling time between the family lunch, the Sound of Music, and Indiana Jones.

And here’s a little Christmas present of a link.  A free download of photos from Morning Sun books.  Encouraging you to buy….  (Their digital reprints and books are excellent value).  But even if you don’t model American, lots of good browsing in this link.


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