Easier train tickets?

I was pleased to see that some of the train operators in the UK have finally been pressured to sell people the cheapest ticket, and not hide the best fare in the small print somewhere.  It looks like you will now be able to…..

  • Buy cheap fares 15 minutes before travelling (not 15 days or more).
  • Claim back money if you forget your railcard.
  • Automated ticket machines will tell passengers if they can get a cheaper ticket.
  • Self-service ticket machines will become easier to use (wonderful, they are pretty user-hostile a the moment.

But not all rail companies are included.  Notable by their omission are companies to the south and west of London.  Of course, Southern Railways will have to run some trains before offering sensible fares on them.


So if you still can’t get a cheap fare, you can do what this traveller did, as reported both by the BBC and the Telegraph….

Football fan receives 56 separate tickets when he books split fare between Newcastle and Oxford

In a bid to save money on eye-watering fares, one football fan ended up with 56 separate tickets for his train journey to see his team play in the FA Cup.

Jonny Heywood’s trip from Newcastle to Oxford with his partner took him to seven stations and saved him £30 after he used a split ticket website to get the cheapest fare resulting in him needing more than 50 tickets for the trip.

But despite all his effort his team Newcastle Unite sadly lost 3-0 to Oxford and he spent the entire match in hospital A&E with his girlfriend after she fell over and injured her face on the way into the game…..

The BBC says the saving was £56 – but wasn’t that the number of tickets?  It might have saved money, but it must have been confusing, too….


Mr Heywood posted a picture of his ticket bonanza on Twitter


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