Ramble on Ron #3

The weather is still the same!!

Woke up to find a new dusting of snow with low cloud/mist. During my travels it was sunny but cold. Returned to hotel to find weather as it was this morning.

Today travelled via Berne and Biel to Ride the CJ from Lauterbrunnen Chaux de Fonds to Glove lier and then back via Delemont, Biel and Berne Did a bit of shopping in Interlaken and paid the sterling equivalent at tills. The exchange at the Co-op showing on the bill was 1.2057490100 !








Started out again in low cloud/mist to do a round trip through the new Gotthard Base Tunnel to Bellinzona via Luzern and Arth-Goldau. Entered tunnel in misty conditions and exited 20 minutes later to heavy snow. At Bellinzona saw return train was running around 20 minutes late but unlike us Brits the Swiss laid on an extra train to run in the scheduled path of the delayed train. By the time we got back to the tunnel the snow had started to lay. On return to Interlaken there was a clear blue sky and the snow had almost gone. On return to Lauterbrunnen for the first time this week I could see up the valley and to Wengen.
Returning home tomorrow so there will be no further emails as I will be packing the tablet in my case – so enjoy my last selection of photos.







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