Blatant tourism interlude

Back from Singapore last weekend, having worked for 10 days solid.  But there was time to take a few photos.  So here’s a little tourism as a diversion from the usual trains.

I did find time to visit the Asian Civilization Museum, and enjoy some exquisite art.  I liked the way they had presented the Chinese plates rescued intact from a shipwreck in the Persian Gulf….

And exhibits including this antique stock box, for keeping trains?

As dusk falls, the Singapore River and Clarke’s Quay light up and look very different….

Singapore may be urban, but there’s plenty of urban wildlife (of the non-human kind) to look out for.  These terrapins were sitting on a rubbish boom in the river by the hotel.

Unfortunately I only saw the otters that live in the river when I didn’t have a camera.  These creatures may be shy in the UK, but in Singapore they were  sunbathing on the river bank, watched by a dozen people just a few feet away.

The (feathered) bird life is surprisingly good, too.  Sitting next to the river having dinner, a Crested Serpent Eagle flew past.  And Collared Kingfishers are common by the river, or searching for food on the playing fields near by.  One of my favourites….

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