Odd modelling ideas #398

From the Daily Telegraph

Incredible train ‘disappears’ through block of flats in China’s ‘Mountain City’

Architects and planners in a Chinese city have designed a novel way to make space for an essential train route – by building it through the centre of a block of flats.

The unusual train track passes directly through the 19-storey residential building in the “emerging mega-city” of Chongqing, located in the south-west corner of the East Asian nation.

Could make an interesting model!  But I hope this is right…

Noise reduction equipment installed at the station means the train only makes the same noise as a standard dishwasher.

However, the NYC ‘High Line’ in New York was older and also had the line passing through warehouses and factories…..

And in view of the date…..

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2 Responses to Odd modelling ideas #398

  1. Thanks for this. I wouldnt want to stay in that block of flats. But I’ve been looking for images of railways passing under warehouses. I want to do that on my fiddle yard entrance.


  2. On a side note… do you recall the clear cola… tab clear?


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