Here we go again…..

I’m back!  I’ve appreciated a month break from the blog, but have missed putting my railway thoughts and findings down on ‘paper’.  And a chance to offer modelling challenges like this one (picture picked up from a forum – trust the copyright is OK.)  The challenge is not to lay track like this – we can all do that on an off day – but to do it so it (a) works, and (b) looks like it’s realistic, not incompetent.

It’s been a busy month, with too much office work.  Ten days in Singapore gave me a chance to catch up with the friendliest otters in the world, just outside the hotel.

And buy some more relatively cheap trams off the internet….

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing about….

  • ESNG exhibiting at the Bluebell Railway.
  • Our annual visit to Berlin.
  • Recent ESNG meetings.
  • The 2018 ESNG show.
  • An (almost) new layout.
  • Other modelling musings.

I’m looking forward to pontificating again.

But finally, thanks to NGForum, a questionable item from Hatton’s website….

Noch 36959Noch-SD
N Gauge
Ladies of the Night – Pre-owned – 1 has broken arm

I’m not sure about the pre-owned bit, and as for the broken arm?

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3 Responses to Here we go again…..

  1. sed30 says:

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  2. Some of these latest additions to the noch range will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. Are we heading for parental guidance on layouts at exhibitions? Haha!


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