Back to Berlin – again – 2

So to the railway exhibits proper.  A lot of them were packed into the roundhouses, and were difficult to photograph well.  But I’ve included a selection of shots below.  We start with one of the first locomotives to run in Germany – British built, of course!

There was a good collection of small late-19th and early-20th century locomotives, most of them being small shunting locos.  But some very attractive designs.

And here we have the latest rolling stock for South-West Trains…..

Moving onto larger, more modern locomotives, there was an excellent cut-away Pacific…

And another Pacific showing the classic black with red motion DB livery.  There was also the ubiquitous  2-10-0 there, but it was badly placed for photos.

A diesel line-up, with a railcar and a V200 in the foreground…..

The V200 was, of course, the basis of the BR diesel-hydraulic ‘Warship’ class.  There is a distinct family likeness in the styling.

Wikipedia tells me that this is an experimental DB Class 202, representing a major milestone in the German locomotive development, since in these locomotives three phase asynchronous electric traction was first applied in a mainline diesel-electric locomotive.

All I know is that the livery made my eyes go funny….

The rest of my photos are of vintage electric locomotives.  I do very much like the early EMU in the first photograph.

Finally, today, I do admire the openness of the Germans about the Holocaust.  The wagon below, typical of those used to transport the Jewish people – and others – to the concentration camps was exhibited with a full set of boards describing what had happened.

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