Tinkers Park 2017 #2

The full size exhibits had plenty of interest, and there were some well preserved items.  However, it was sad to see others in a poor state of repair, rusting away.  There were interesting bits of metal all over the site – it was sometimes possible to identify them!

Real trains were represented by these little contractor’s diesels….

A little steam locomotive was waiting in the wings, but there seemed to be a bit of a problem rerailing one of the coaches – another little cameo for your layout?

There was a fine collection of traction engines, road rollers and ploughing engines in various states of repair….

A WW2 Bren Gun Carrier, officially known as the ‘Universal Carrier’, and the most produced armoured fighting vehicle in history.

A well preserved AEC tractor unit.

And a less-well preserved AEC Matador, set up as a tow truck.  I built, and converted, several Airfix kits of these vehicles as a teenager.

A fine line up of cars…

A ‘Green Goddess’ Auxiliary Fire Service fire engine….

And two buses to finish.  I used to see red RF’s like this on the route 227 on the way to secondary school – and this preserved one is also for that route.

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