Ron flies east

Ron’s off on his travels to Europe again….

Got on Eurostar at St Pancras only to be told that we were being held as there was a problem in the Chunnel. We finally got away 10 late. On arrival in Brussels we found our train to Luxembourg would be leaving 17 minutes early as it was being diverted due to flooding. We made first stop outside Brussels on time but then continued to lose time and eventually reached Luxembourg 30 minutes late. However we made our connection to Trier on time but then had to wait 5 minutes at first stop to cross a late running train. We eventually reached our hotel at 8.30pm and our evening meal was not served until 10pm, Weather started out fine but it has been raining heavily since 5pm.

Photos show Eurostars lined up at St Pancras and platform indicator and train at Luxembourg.

Regards, Ron


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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  1. A proper mechanical platform indicator! Not an led screen in sight!


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