Stuttgart coming soon – and a new module

Sunday afternoon was spent in the august company of Messrs Atfield and Dawes, testing out the setup that we will take to Stuttgart.  The last few weeks, I’ve had plenty of free time, so have completed a new module for display.  What is compatible with UK, USA, European and Japanese trains?  An American airbase…..  So here we have the absolute end of an airbase, with three F-111 aircraft parked on the tarmac.  Of course, it will always be possible to run trains from a different era to the F-111, but at least it will look OK geographically, even if there is a clash of eras.

Here we have the airbase connected to the ‘Clubroom’ module.

This is the long side of our Stuttgart display – end loop, ERIC the roundhouse, a 4 track to 2 track transition, airbase, clubhouse, and N-club corner.  The 4 track section will allow us to store one or two trains when operating.

Derek is hard at work trying to understand the wiring of his new module.  This swaps over left and right hand tracks to swap from right hand to left hand running.  It was rapidly christened the ‘Eddie Waring’ module after the late rugby league commentator, one of whose trademark lines was, ‘It’s an up-and-under’.

The short leg of the ESNG display has Derek’s N-club corner (interestingly, all the low-level track is courtesy of a job lot of Lone Star 000 track – we never waste anything round here), Attesford, the Eddie Waring module, and a loop where the link with the rest of the N-club world will be.

There are a still some adjustments to make.  My lounge is full of the Attesford layout (to add to the other modules already camping there) as I took it home to see if I can improve the wiring and running.  And Derek has a bit of work to do on his ‘Eddie Waring’ board.  We’ll need another trial run, but are well on the way there.

And of course, the afternoon was completed with a curry….

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