Two views of modelling – 1

The next two posts will have two differing, but perhaps slightly contrary views of our hobby.  Both come from the (free) Model Railroad Hobbyist e-magazine.  It’s all American, and sometimes has little of interest, but it’s free, and occasionally comes up with some inspirational modelling.

First, the view from the editor’s desk – by Don Hanley.

Develop a passion for the hobby

Have you ever wondered why some individuals
succeed and other don’t?  It’s passion.

I have two activities I enjoy: woodworking and model railroading.  They intersect during the benchwork phase, but that is about it.  I love designing and building furniture as much as I love designing and building models.  I have a passion for both.  I can spend hours building a piece of furniture, hours building a structure, or hours modelling  a piece of rolling stock. I often lose track of time and my wife asks me if I got lost! In a way, I did.

Passion and interest are similar, but not exactly the same.
Webster defines passion as “a strong feeling or emotion” but
defines interest as “liking something.”  ….

For us in the hobby it can range from the armchair modeller  to the modeller who must have every nut and bolt correctly modelled.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the armchair modeller, and the 10 an every nut and bolt modeller, I am probably about an 8…..

Do all model railroaders have the same degree of passion that I have?  Of course not, and that’s OK. It’s best we not be offended when we run into modellers who don’t have has much passion as we do – and likewise we should not be offended by modellers who have a higher degree of passion than we do.

Some like to call the most passionate rivet counters. If you develop a particular passion for the hobby, you too may become the rivet counter without realizing it!  Encourage those who have less passion than you to work on developing their passion…

Looking ahead, I would say the future of our hobby depends a
lot on those who have passion for the hobby, and for teaching
or mentoring those who are just starting in model railroading.
I would even say how long a modeller stays with the hobby
depends on how much interaction they have with those possessing higher levels of passion. Those of us a higher level of passion need to interact and mentor those who are not as passionate!

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