Links for the middle of the week

I’ve got a set of photos to post from the excellent Farnham show, but that will have to wait till later in the week.  For now, here are some of the links that I’ve come across recently.

If you are an American modeller, I’d recommend  Reviews of almost every USA ‘N’ gauge product ever made, and all rated from A (Looks and runs great. Smooth, quiet and accurate to the prototype. Worthy of any operational fleet. State of the art) to F (Complete piece of junk. Can’t complete a simple loop without stalling or derailing. Looks like crap with coarse, oversized and/or moulded on details. Prototype? What prototype?).  Also some interesting blogs and information on brass gears.  If you are a UK modeller looking for a suitable chassis for a project, this may also be of interest to you.

Next, ‘Is Europe’s ghostliest train station about to rise again?’, from the BBC.  A fascinating article on the remote, barely used, and gigantic station on the France-Spain border.

When they built the station at Canfranc, it was on a grand scale and with no expense spared. It had to be bold and modern – an architect’s dream come true, built in iron and glass, complete with a hospital, restaurant and living quarters for customs officers from both France and Spain.

An ‘N’ gauge model is actually available, hand-made for a large sum….

But the UK has some wonderful railway stations, too.  ‘Britain’s 18 most beautiful railway stations’ is from the Daily Telegraph website.  Redhill is conspicuous by its absence, but here is Liverpool Street….

And finally, stuck for road names in your scenic village.  Read ”Dumb Womans Lane’ and ‘Titty Ho’: The streets where it’s four times harder for owners to sell their homes’ in the Daily Telegraph.

Homeowners living on a road with a rude, silly or controversial street name are four times less likely to sell their property compared to those living on neighouring streets, new research suggests.  Britain’s rudest roads include the likes of Crotch Crescent in Oxford, Dumb Womans Lane in Rye, Spanker Lane in Belper and Backside Lane in Doncaster.

But it’s not all bad news…..

Not all of the streets have suffered such dismal house sales, however. Crotch Crescent has seen 15pc more homes sell than nearby Derwent Avenue, while there are 34pc more property sales on Titty Ho than on neighbouring Wellington Road.

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