Farnham & District MRC exhibition – 14 October 2017

Last Saturday’s show visit was to the Farnham & District MRC.  This also had the 2mm Scale Association AGM going on, so there was a selection of 2mm finescale layouts on display.  So this post is a 2mm special.  The 2mm layouts were situated together in the entrance lobby, making a fine advert for the scale.

Lighterman’s Yard is a small fictitious goods yard set somewhere in SE London.  The scenery, buildings, and backscene are wonderfully suggestive of London Bridge and Bricklayer’s Arms, and look very familiar to me.

The layout plan is an Iain Rice one, that has always been a favourite of mine.  It has been transposed south of the Thames from the Great Eastern to the South Eastern.  And it is living proof that it is possible to build a Rice plan!

Burnham-on Sea is a model of the northern terminus of the Somerset and Dorset Railway.  It’s quite a historic model, as the layout itself was built by the late Denys Brownlee – who built exquisite small S&D locomotives – and after years of storage is now being rejuvenating for some more years service.

Mark Fielder is an exponent of Nn3 – 3′ narrow gauge to a reasonable fine scale.  The Pizza was a ‘proof of concept’ layout to see if Nn3 would work.  An Clar is a slice of rural Ireland – check out the wonderful backscene – but anything can be seen running.  Definitely a scale gauge combination for people with good eyesight!

‘Wadebridge’ is a slightly compressed model of the Southern Railway station in North Cornwall at the far west of the Southern empire.  It’s part of a larger home layout of the North Cornwall line, and is full of beautiful models.  There’s a thread describing it on RMweb somewhere.  And yes, that 2-4-0T Beattie Well Tank does work…..

More layouts from the larger scales next time.

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