ESNG meeting – PlayDay 11 March 2018

Another successful PlayDay, despite missing one or two regulars due to Mother’s Day.  Apologies to those who couldn’t make it, but it there wasn’t another Sunday this month when the hall was free.  Still, 10 members wasn’t a bad turnout.  And with Allan present we used his boards to set up a large 2 x 2 modular circuit.

Derek was testing Farish and Minitrix A3’s and A4’s.  One of which had never been out of its box before.  The Minitrix models were by far the better performers, due to having traction tyres on one set of drivers.

Derek was also running a PW train with a mixture of Dogfish and Mermaid hoppers.

Brian’s goods train was hauled by a handsome Fairburn tank.  Reminded me how fine a model Farish produced – perhaps one of their best?

Paul had a Japanese goods day, without a bullet train in sight….

Though this double-ended multiple unit style container train is as exotic as any bullet….

Dave was testing a range of large American locomotives on his canal module.  He claims to have some swans and kayaks (not swans in kayaks) to add to the scene…..

I brought alone a ‘Warship’ and some of my parcels stock.  The Farish loco trundles around for much of the afternoon, and as with most parcels trains, the variety of coaching stock made a very satisfying mix.

Thanks, Brian, for a video of the afternoon….

And the afternoon was followed by and equally satisfying curry…

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