Shepton Mallet – for the 23rd and last time

Back from our annual week camping at the Shepton Mallet showground for the New Wine church conference.  23rd time – and the last as it’s moving to Peterborough.  So this is the last time to get a ride on the miniature railway that is on site and opens up for business on the Tuesday day off.


Near our camping pitch was this fine vehicle.  Not sure what it is on, but it seems to have gone straight to its springs….

We came home the scenic route via Ringwood to visit old Redhill friends.  Colin insisted on showing us his original WW2 vehicles that he is restoring.  A 1943 Dodge truck, and a little M28 tracked cargo carrier (that developed into the M29 ‘Weasel’).  These were originally designed for an invasion of Norway, but when this didn’t happen, they proved useful in the mud from Normandy to Berlin.  In the background is an original M28 wheeled trailer (still in arctic white paint), that had mudguards that folded down to make skis.


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3 Responses to Shepton Mallet – for the 23rd and last time

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.


  2. Andy in Germany says:

    I worked at New Wine once, probably almost 23 years ago now I come to think about it. A couple of years later I went to Germany.

    Remind me: when are you coming to Stuttgart?


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