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This is an amazing sequence.  It’s almost model-like in the way it’s laid out, and the frequency of the trains.  Perhaps the only down side is having almost all of the trains the same – but Clapham in the rush-hour looked like that in some eras and at some times.  (Note the car reversing over the level crossing to reach a parking space at 8:07.  And then immediately crossing the road again for another space.)

The speeded up film also looks a bit like ESNG club night….

Also from YouTube, try this link for the classic Railway Roundabout series. Included are film of Hayling Island, Lyme Regis, the Brighton Belle, and the Isle of Wight.  More wonderful viewing to keep you from watching those soaps….

And for the Isle of Wight, try these.  All inspiring for modelling (so I’d better get on and do some!)

And some period trains, UK and exported….

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