Farnham & District MRC 2018 #2

Helmthwaite and Chapel Lane, in O gauge, is dominated by two large industrial buildings, Osborn Engineering and Helmthwaite Mills at one end of the layout. These also hide the staging for the high level Chapel Lane yard where there is a fully operational wagon hoist between the two levels (LMS and LNER).  Tidy modelling throughout, and although it is a branch line, there was always something moving.


Lower Exbury, built in P4, was at last year’s Uckfield show.  It’s a typical minimum space light railway/branch line terminus, but stands out due to the cameos on view – not least the DUWK, with attendant tramp (or owner) and the cormorant on the quay.  Definitely worth another look.


Guglingen, in HO models a German branch line terminus set around 1900, with stock from a number of the independent state railways of the time.  Good to see a continental layout on show – they are also a rare beast these days.


Avyn-A-Llyin, in 009 is vaguely Welsh (hence the name) but all sorts of stock runs.  I suppose that is no different from Welsh preservation lines these days!  A major feature is the beach and sea, and more 4mm flesh on a layout than I’ve ever seen before.  (Fortunately, most of it was modestly covered in the right places.)

More oo9 with Tansey Bank.  Good to see a layout with reliable automatic coupling.


Perhaps my favourite layout was Sydney Gardens in OO.  But perhaps that is a function of my layout design thinking at the moment!  A simple continuous double tracked run fed a stream of trains past the observed.  Where this layout stood out was that (a) it accurately depicts the double-track Great Western main line through the famous Sydney Gardens in the City of Bath, and (b) the modelling is exceptionally good – look at the large house below and the weathering on the retaining wall.


And finally, Laramie Engine Shed in O-gauge (the USA version).  It models part of the Union Pacific Engine Terminal at Laramie, Wyoming.  I’ve seen this layout a number of times, but the lack of barriers this time allowed some close up inspection of some very good modelling.  Which ESNG member does the gentleman in the second photograph remind you of?  (Sorry, no prizes.)


So that’s Farnham for the year.  I’m not sure where the next exhibition to visit will be, but I’m sure I’ll find something to go to.

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