Random Wednesday

A few links that I have been storing up…..

One of the most positive articles that I’ve seen on model railways….

It’s a small world: Radio Times celebrates 95 years with replica of iconic 1950s delivery van

“It’s being able to make something, then show people and say, ‘Look what I’ve done.’ Maybe I sound a bit old-school, but people get onto computers and it’s, ‘OK, you’ve done that for three hours, what have you got to show for it? You’ve upset a few electrons.’”

Some wonderful old film – “London’s Termini in the 50s, 60s & Early 70s”

Has to be read to be believed?  Trugo: A bizarre sport unique to Melbourne – and a product of the railways.

A little tourism – Four beautiful railway lines that escaped Beeching’s axe at the 11th hour

And further afield – China’s high-speed railways have finally reached Hong Kong

The train ride between Hong Kong and the mainland city of Guangzhou used to take two hours; on the new Vibrant Express it’s just 48 minutes. Beijing can be reached in nine hours rather than 24. The auspiciously-numbered G80 train, leaves West Kowloon every morning at 8.05am and glides into Beijing at 5pm – further proof of how the key sights of China are increasingly reachable by high speed rail.

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