Off to Stuttgart

Off to find a tin parrot at Gatwick later, for ESNG’s annual pilgrimage to the Stuttgart N-Club International meet.  A full report will appear next week, but here are a few pictures of ESNG from past years.

Beer is always important…..

In those days we had enough strength to lift the gate….

They said they were ESNG members – but I have my doubts, unless Mr Apps was trying to collect the subscriptions again….

2015 was the high visibility year – you could spot these two a mile off….

It was also the last time my Michael came out to the show with me…. (Please ignore the Chairman in the background.)

Did I mention the beer……

And last year.  We were just a twig off a branch, but the usual suspects were there….

I don’t normally have a shopping list for Stuttgart, having resisted buying any European models (even a Flying Hamburger) in previous years.  However, I’ll be looking out for a second-hand Roco BR-80 tank engine.

And why would I want one of these?  The chassis fits in a white metal USA tank kit that I picked up from BH Enterprises at a recent show.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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