ESNG meeting – 3 January 2019

A new year – just.  The three members who were there at 7:30pm wondered whether it might be best to just go home.  The Cha(I)rman was on an early milk round again, and the Treasurer was still away seeing family.  But then five others arrived, with trains, so we (slightly reluctantly but very quickly) got a circuit up and running.

Some members still didn’t look very happy…  🙂

Some lovely decoration on this coach…

But these locomotives seem a little over the top?

Plenty going on in the fiddle yard.

Super-power from Simon.  And predictably, this train overloaded the controller and ground to a halt!

Deliveries to a Ford works somewhere in the UK….

Equally predictably, I was too busy talking to test my new-ish 4-CEP.  Maybe I’ll give it a go at the PlayDay in 10 days time.


About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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