Odds and s**s

I’ve found the modelling mojo on the low side recently – a mixture of Christmas busy-ness, cold weather, and too much NGSE exhibition planning I guess.  However, I hope to have some workbench pictures to show soon – I’ve been working on some of my old Lehigh Valley stock.  But more of that another time.

For now, just be grateful that our hobby is mostly constructive…..

And unusual prototype of the week.  Twi Canadian snowploughs for an interurban railroad, The Toronto & York, one being double ended.

I’m fascinated by the trolley poles. I suspect they were required to activate signals. But they could also be there to power an onboard air compressor to lift the flanger blades at crossings. On a non-electric line, that air is supplied by a locomotive – which would also supply propulsion. But this is an electric line, so maybe they took advantage of that? Fortunately, one doesn’t need to know the answer to model The Electric Snowplow and have a wicked conversation piece.


I recall that Pacific Electric/Southern Pacific did something similar with diesel switchers, another interesting model!


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