London Transport Museum Store, Acton – 2

Not sure what John was getting excited about here!  Behind are a Feltham tram and the standard London trolleybus design.

The prototype trolleybus, No. 1.

Feltham tram

And the standard LCC design.

On to the tube, with a borrowed Waterloo and City line tube to the left, and early tube stock to the right.

A battery locomotive for maintenance work.

The sleet locomotive again.

An 1890 Metropolitan Railway ballast wagon – that was in service for a long time.

ESL 107

Early tube stock under renovation.  We got a look inside of these, and the renewal is comprehensive – first rewiring, then bodywork then paint.

In the middle of this, and RF getting its final touches.

An early Metropolitan Railway milk van.  There was a steady service from Aylesbury down to the city.

A view across the depot.

Upstairs, there are thousands of signs.  Early health and safety?

Bill Stickers is innocent?

For the desperate.  I’m told the more feathers on the arrow, the earlier the sign (it’s not the number of cubicles.)

Signs old (I love these old roundels).

And new….

In the afternoon we had the second part of the tour to the poster and painting store.  LT used to commission well known artists to paint for posters.  In the store there are the original posters AND the original artwork.  Plus many more paintings commissioned but never used for posters.  I’ve no photos of these, as they are in environmentally and light controlled rooms.

All in all, a fascinating day.  As the museum is ‘live’ and exhibits go out to displays, one could go round again and see some different items – and spend time on the things you missed.  Strongly recommended.

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