A little whimsey for Sunday

An entry by Railsquid on NGForum caught my eye….

Mate, you wouldn’t know Rule 1 if it came up and punched you in the face.

This is Rule 1.

We do get a little too serious sometimes….

And today’s modelling challenge….

Government launches ‘exciting’ plan to turn Pacer trains into village halls

Pacers could also become community spaces or cafes once they are finally replaced by new trains, according to the government, one year after the northern rail meltdown

This popped up in the press a couple of weeks ago, and was well discussed on the usual forums.  I liked this response in the linked article.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds responded with bemusement, however.

“I am not sure my constituents will agree that this is an ‘exciting opportunity’, unless one of them is turned into a museum dedicated to highlighting years of under-investment in Northern transport,” he said.

“My personal suggestion would be to invite my fed up constituents to dismantle them piece by piece, a bit like when the Berlin Wall came down.”

Still, the Dapol Pacer is reported to be a bit inclined to blow its lights and strip its gears, so perhaps a village hall conversion is just what we need!

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1 Response to A little whimsey for Sunday

  1. smoppett says:

    Perhaps the model manufacturers of Pacers should supply unpainted bodyshells for modellers to have static cafes and village halls on their layouts?


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