Our regular holiday interlude – 8

Looks like rain stopped play today – at least theoretically.  And hence rather less photographs than usual.  I was going to save Allan’s transport photos till later, but I’ve included his record of Zurich.

Woke up this morning to a thunderstorm and saw on tv that the weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms so we decided to have a day on the trains. Changing at Interlaken we went to Basle from there to Zurich and back via Bern and Interlaken. Until we got back to Lauterbrunnen where it was raining we only saw sunny weather. However we are now on our balcony looking out on a sunny afternoon. Memo. Swiss weathermen can be trusted as much as their UK counterparts.

Basle to Zurich. The first photo is Rheinfelden station. Did not get off to visit Feldschlossen brewery.  (Such self control, I’m most impressed – ed.)

      Around Zurich Hbf


And a pleasant hour trainspotting at Zurich Hbf


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