Uckfield MRC exhibition 2019 #2

Charmouth (O-16.5) is set in West Dorset.

De Graafstroom (3.5mm/ft scale, 12.26mm gauge or P87n3.5) is just brilliant, and was my highlight of the show.  A slice of Dutch tramline set in 1947, it gives some wonderful views along the river.  And then there’s the swimming swan and the circling stork, that can be seen in the photographs below.

Chica, Illinois (HO) is another regular on the exhibition circuit.  It’s one of those layouts where the trains are hardly necessary – there’s so much to admire in the scenery.  I really liked all the power and telephone lines that criss-cross the layout.

Thakeham Tiles (O-14) was inspired by a railway that served the tile factory near Storrington in West Sussex.

Slugworth & Co (OO-9) is a minimum space narrow gauge industry.  Nicely modelled, simple, but a lot of fun to operate.

I’ve seen Fen End Pit (16mm/ft scale, 32mm gauge) quite a lot recently, but it was worth watching that dragline and conveyor belt delivery system again!

The most excellent Blueball Summit (N) has the rare distinction of appearing in the latest Model Railway Journal.  Set in Devon in the 1970’s, it’s only 10′ long, but seems to be much longer.

Aerodrome Park (OO) is full of art-deco Southern Railway buildings, and is set at an imaginary airfield in the 1930’s.

Well, that’s Uckfield for another year!

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