Paul in Japan #3

First, back in soggy Earlswood, more progress on the new fiddle yard…

And meanwhile, in Japan….

Off to Nagano on one of these, the beautiful E7 Shinkansen.

So my birthday has arrived – 9 hours earlier than usual! I’m off to Tokyo…

Outside the Kato model railway shop in Tokyo this morning. I am returning here next Friday to pick up a few items and spare parts.

A few????

The new Shibuya terminus of the Ginza subway line.

Looks like a whale interior?

E7 at Nagano last night

Today, I visited a model railway museum in Yokohama, an astonishing collection brought together by one man. After lunch, a visit to Kamakura and the giant Buddha.

Reminds me of a couple of ESNG members (hat, coat, quick exit….)

The Enoden Railway at Hase

N700A Shinkansen passing Odawara in pouring rain. This is why I enjoyed the bad weather!

Beautiful day here in Tokyo, so I am going to Sendai later on. Snow and gales at the moment up north.

This is where it all began. The first railway line in Japan was constructed by British engineers between Shibuya and Yokohama. It opened in 1871. The first locomotive was built by Kitson from Leeds.

A huge shopping mall which I explored this evening. I was going to go to Shin-Shirakawa to watch the Bullet trains speeding through, but it was too cold, so I did this instead. I found a model shop right at the end!

Paul has a nose for model shops – almost as keen as the Cha(I)rman’s nose for cafes serving a full English breakfast…

More next time as Paul heads for the frozen north!




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