Paul in Japan #4

Some more photos from Japan….

Tomorrow, I’m off up in to the Japanese Alps on a special train which only runs at weekends and Bank Holidays. Today was the Emperors’ Birthday, so tomorrow is a Bank Holiday.

My first train of the day, the E5 Hayabusa

This is the reason for todays’ rather odd route. This is the E3 Toreiyu Tsubasa which only runs on weekends and Bank Holidays. It has been in operation for 5 years, but I had never been able to travel on it – until today!

While waiting for the Toreiyu to depart, this turned up, an EH500 on an intermodal train.

The interior of the Toreiyu reflects the prefecture through which it operates, Yamagata. The seats have a tatami mat with a cushion, the bar sells Yamagata sake and wine and in the end car, number 16, you can have a footbath in spring water from the local Onsen.

Not sure I want my feet washed at 200mph….

The E3 Toreiyu and E3 Tsubasa at Shinjo. It has just been announced that the E3 Tsubasa is going to be replaced with a new train, the E8, which will be based on the E6 currently operating to Akita.

The E6 at Akita. One of these returned me to Sendai, top speed 200mph.

I will leave you with this. Goodnight folks.

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