Paul in Japan #6

Probably the last of Paul’s pictures, as he’s now back in the UK, and the joys of food shopping in Crawley….

Tomorrow is my last day in Japan on this trip. My plan is all set up. Watch this space!

First train of the day 0916 Nasuno service from Tokyo to Shin-shirakawa on the Tohoku Shinkansen. Weather couldn’t be better!

Returning to Tokyo after 2 hours watching Bullet trains at Shin-shirakawa and Nasushiobara. Off to a model shop at Akihabara next, then on to Odawara for a last look at the Bullet trains.

Just spent an hour or so at Odawara. One platform was lined with enthusiasts, cameras at the ready. You will see why later….

An E6 and E5 passing Shin-Shirakawa, and an E2 passing Nasushiobara this morning.

The reason for the enthusiasts at Odawara. The 700 Series, about to be withdrawn. Tickets for the last service operated by this set sold out in 30 seconds.

N700A and E4 MAX at Tokyo Station.

N700A at Odawara.

E2-J set with an E3 Tsubasa at Nasushiobara

I have lots of photos and videos from today, but I have a plane to catch at 0945 in the morning to take me back to the UK, so I need an early night. Japan has been amazing once again. I will be back, hopefully in 2022.

Just landed at Heathrow, great flight, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back home in Redhill after a straightforward journey back on the Piccadilly and District Underground, and Southern rail. I was expecting a heap of Valentine’s cards behind the front door of the flat, but all I got were 2 bills and other requests for money!

And we look forward to seeing some of Paul’s new purchases running at the next ESNG club night.


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