Covid-19 diary #14 – ESNG edition

It’s been good to get news that two ESNG members have been busy

Peter writes….

Good Afternoon

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well, although there seems to be some people who have no regards at all for the other people as the wife and I saw by the amount of rubbish left in two of our local parks yesterday.

Anyway, I thought I would just show that I have not been sitting around doing nothing whilst being in lockdown. The tram layout I am currently building is awaiting some street furniture which is on order. It’s in the garage at the moment, hence the stuff all round including the tumble dryer.

Unfortunately, when I took the photos, I had a power failure which turned to be a broken wire.

Note the high quality control panel bottom left of the third photo!

Incidentally, my club dashboard is currently undergoing some modifications including rebuilding part of the platforms. It can just be seen in the second photograph. Once satisfied, I will post a photo or two.

Kind regards


And Brian has also been busy…

Dear All,

Here’s the Tudela Veguin project (based on a Spanish station and major cement works) I’ve been working on this for some months now pre-lockdown and onwards.

You wondered where the toilet rolls went – some of them are featured 🙂 I’ve also had to eat a lot of Magnum ice creams for the cardboard …..

I know it’s not up to your high standards, but it’s been absorbing.

Enjoy, Cheers,


With the usual videos as evidence.

I also know that Mr Atfield has been building things at a rapid rate, but they will remain a mystery unless he enters the electronic age….

I did also notice on Brian’s YouTube channel, a video of the trains to the coast as lockdown rather crumbles…..

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