Covid-19 diary #19 – Rapid progress…

It’s been showery and grey for a couple of days, so rapid progress on the railway.

Blue point controllers were bought in and were very easy to install, including the point frog switches.  The masking tape on the wiring will be replaced by hot glue when it’s all finalised.

Point control is entirely digital.  A piece of wire and a piece of dowel on the end!

Replacing the track at the end of the world.  I guess I need to build a fiddle yard.

I found the Dremel I bought cheap somewhere (it was still sitting on the loft stairs after 9 months or so) and it was a quick job to cut in Microtrains uncouplers, using a cutting disc.  Please ignore the melted sleepers!

And the first train runs on all tracks.  Usually this takes me years to do, not days.  There is something to be said for small layouts….

I resorted to cardboard to form curved corners to the backscene.  Last job of the evening.

And today I added the photographic backscene.  Not quite straight, but the borders will be hidden by the buildings on the layout.  The backscene could do with being a little higher, but this hardly shows from a normal viewing angle.  It won’t notice that the rails seem to drop into the river – really!

I suppose that I’ll have to start ballasting now….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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