Covid-19 diary #24

Well, not a good week on the railways.

Having been delayed till Monday due to lack of plywood, I spent the week carefully building a new baseboard.  I always have difficulty keeping things square, but this time built it up using my right-angled cramp (a very useful item).  All was well until I measured once only and cut something wrong, too late to change.  I managed to get around that, but with the last piece of wood in place, one of the baseboard side members seems to have developed a distinct banana shape.

I’ll take a look at it this morning, but it may be a write-off, and I think I’m going to do something else for a few days 🙂

Still, it’s been eventful otherwise!   The essential Marmite parcel was successfully sent to Germany for our eldest, as supplies had run out.  We included this special edition for her intended, who can’t stand the stuff…

Our son went back to work on the recycling lorries after two weeks off work – and a good time to be off, as 41 operatives self-isolated after a Covid case.  Fortunately, there were no more cases recorded.

Finally our youngest daughter moved home, and then decided not to, so took all her clothes away again.  All at a reasonable distance….  But on Friday morning when she appeared we were not only treated to a MacDelivery breakfast, but I also ordered a Ruchita takeaway in the evening.  Very pleasant, curry on the patio.  I remembered my old Indonesia trick.  If it’s got enough chillies and spice in it, the flies avoid it…..

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