More odds and ends

Phil sent this one to me….

Hi, All!

Locked down, I get my railway fix by YouTube – there’s a LOT of railway fixes to be found on YouTube!

This one had sound suppressed, thereby depriving us of some ripe Aussie epithets!

Stay safe, stay well! Phil.

Brian sent some model shop news….

Hi All,

In case you missed it – Ian Allan, central London’s only model railway & transport bookshop, has reopened! At Lower Marsh, Waterloo, I think it’s the last survivor of what was an empire of UK shops.

I don’t know if you have to roll up a trouser leg or practice a special handshake (socially distanced of course) as you enter the premises?

Have a good weekend 🙂  Brian

And some seaside news….

Southend Pier is to get new trains:

New design for Southend Pier trains 

Memories from my childhood – and the colour restored in green and cream. I wonder if there’s ever been an N scale model made?

The model would be OK – it would be the scale length pier that would be the problem – isn’t it a mile long?

And finally, Brian sent me this great cartoon.  I think I posted it on Facebook, but it’s worth repeating!

And modelling challenge of the day.  Morris Minor converted into a mobile record store.  Kingston, Jamaica, 1984 (photo from my cousin.)

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