ESNG meeting – 19 August 2020

And yet another successful Zoom meeting tonight.  Once again, the usual suspects found nothing to talk about for 90 minutes or so, including a fascinating conversation about cat litters.

Highlight of the evening was John having part of Alpenbahn up and running in the background.  And it’s all automated, so there were three trains running (most of the time) untouched by human hands.  Seems ideal for a Covid affected exhibition!

And once again we also saw something of Graham.  We also heard him this week – at least every other word.  I think broadband must not be working too well in Merstham!  Keep trying Graham!

But with eight people (more or less) on line (and at one point we also had the clone of Brian and the clone of Phil logged in), this is the best turnout so far.

Conversation also veered onto closed railways in Norfolk.  A couple of inspirational pictures here of Norwich City shed on the old Midland & Great Northern.

And here are a some of my own pictures from 1967 of the closed Melton Constable station, once the Crewe of Norfolk.  Sad to see the dereliction, but one could see what a great place it must have been in its prime.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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