Real trains, plus….

Some real trains today. Chris got to the Isle of Wight.

Hi Jon, a couple of photos from the IOW steam railway last weekend. The Ivatt tank has a cut down roof, which was the plan in the 60, s for O2 replacements. Best wishes, Chris

To my disgust, I missed the news that Braunton would be passing under my local railway bridge in Redhill, heading the Southern Belle.  Naturally, Brian got to Godstone for this excellent video of the train at speed.

Braunton 34046 at Godstone Station – a steam loco travelling at about 60mph powering through, with D1935 (Roger Hoskin MA) for support during the coastal manoeuvres between Hastings and Eastbourne. This was organised by Saphos Trains. Great to see steam back on the mainline in the south of England! The location is a popular viewpoint for photographers and film makers.

And Brian also sent this video of Cologne Eifeltor Intermodal Yard, taken in April 2018.

Here’s a challenge for anyone to model – the Eiffeltor intermodal interchange in Cologne – just mind boggling.

And Peter noted that:

Locomotive Services have acquired an HST which they plan replicated the Midland Blue Pullman. I wonder if it comes off, it will eventually appear in N Gauge.  The article is in September’s Railway Magazine.

Actually looks OK, and it would make a very nice repaint in the meantime….

And now for something completely different.  Is this heresy?  I must admit I rather like it!

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