ESNG meeting – 7 October 2020

Back on Zoom tonight for yet another club meeting.  Good to see everyone again.  No Peter tonight, as he was down at the caravan….

Down in West Sussex at the moment, oh, a Class 700 followed by a track cleaning train have just whizzed past. The GWR daily driver knowledge train to Brighton is also due, it doesn’t seem to appear on the timetable.

I gather the third GWR service between Reading and Gatwick has been approved by NR, weekdays only at first.

Incidentally, went into a local antiques shop on Saturday, and purchased a Trix German 2-10-0 for £10. It works, just, after a bit of TLC but there seems to be a problem with one of the wheel sets. Do you or any of the club members know of anyone who could have a look at it. I guess being an older locomotive, spares may be a problem.

Unfortunately, will not be able to join you for the ‘meeting’ this evening as we have an appointment. Enjoy and will hopefully ‘meet’ up next time.

We were also missing a visit from Maxine, as ESNG clashed with the WI (digitally that is – I wouldn’t risk a disagreement with that lot!)

However, it was great to see Paul with both sound and vision, and see some of his new purchases.  Graham appeared clearer than before, but still no sound.  And these meetings seem to have driven Brian to drink – or maybe it was his experiences with Gorilla Glue.

It continues to be a treat to be able to meet up with good friends, albeit on-line.  I really must start modelling again and have something to show-and-tell, before Paul completely fills his lounge with bullet trains….

Thinking of that Gorilla Glue…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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