Potpourri #1007

Picking up on some odds and ends from the club…..

I finished the last post with a shout-out for the Magic Roundabout.  Phil promptly emailed me…..

The Magic Roundabout!

Oh, my goodness, me!
I was in love with Florence!


Could have been worse…..  Anyone with a soft spot for Ermintrude?

In the UK we had the story of the vandals at an exhibition.  Allan sent me this heart-warming tale from Australia…..

Model railway group’s labour of love on track with permanent home

A group of model train enthusiasts will soon have a permanent home after the region’s only scale model railway group received $128,000 in funding it needed to rise from the ashes after their former temporary location was destroyed by vandals during a suspicious fire in 2019.

The Canberra Monaro N Scale Group has had somewhat of a nomadic existence since it formed more than 20 years ago, moving its trains, tracks and displays between scout halls and locations in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Some of them look horribly familiar.  Do all model railway fans look alike?  Mind you, I’d like a donation of $128,000 (even Australian ones) for ESNG.  We could rent storage for all those modules cluttering up people’s houses!

From Ron – Blackpool Tramways celebrates 135 years.

Balloon 715 heads back to depot having run its three heritage tours on 26th September

And two pictures on the LSWR, when train travel was special….

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