ESNG meeting – 7 April 2021

Paul, as ever, sums it up better than I can!

Another enjoyable ESNG Zoom meeting with some interesting technical hitches thrown in for good measure. One participant disappeared with the remaining members believing he had exploded before returning in to view unscathed. Another member then vanished and never returned, before another made intermittent contact with very few words being understood to such an extent that one member asked for a translation tool. Topics under discussion included buses, 3rd rail insulator pots, The Isle of Wight, vaccination programs, trains for farm animals, new model railway items and broken down trams. I didn’t have any trains running owing to extensive engineering work currently blocking all lines in my lounge with no diversionary routes available either.

Alan just seemed to disappear – plaintive text appeared…..

Have we been cut off….. My screen’s gone blank with wording….. Just a moment?

Don’t know what happened.  So will call it a night.  Screen still saying ‘Just a moment’.  So good night everyone.  You can talk about me now….. LOL.

The topics were indeed wide ranging.  And up to nine members appeared online.


Just what we need to control a line of N-club modules?  And look at that reduction in price!  No thank you, London Transport Museum shop.  Mind you, the track layout at Ealing Broadway looks rather interesting.


Interesting to see that the prototype considered storing its trains neatly on top of each other – just like our blue boxes?

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