Covid-19 diary – Kuritu II – 7 – Downtown

I’ve had two or three days solid modelling, and the layout shows some real progress.  Having played around with the buildings, I chose what seems to be an interesting layout, and one that allows those with entrances on both sides to be used to best advantage.

I then added pavements and tarmac, leaving ‘holes’ for buildings with deep base plates.  There are a few pavement joints that are not very good, but I suspect a strategic person or two will cover those in due time.


And this is the end result.  Just a little fettling, and a touch of paint needed on the scenes.  Some of the original Kuritu buildings show some natural weathering, and one or two came apart and needed gluing back together.  However, I wanted to keep the original structures to keep the something of the character of the original layout.


And what to do with the other half of the layout?  I had a very pleasant hour building the Tomytec temple buildings.  Precoloured, and with painted details, they are designed to clip together – but a little solvent helps hold it all together.  Here is the pagoda.


I’m waiting for a final building delivery to finally lay things out on the layout, and create the scenery, but it may look something like this…..


While I wait for the postman, I may return to Minories, or build the lighting ‘box’ to sit above the layout – both to provide illumination and some of the dust off.  And there are still some cherry trees to plant around the edge of the layout….

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