ESNG meeting – 21 April 2021

Another Wednesday, another meeting…..

Missing Mr Dawes tonight, due to his usual anti-social working hours.  We started with just the six of us (plus Phil’s cat at one point)……


Paul was busy rebuilding his station again.  Otherwise the topics were the usual wide-ranging selection, from the weather, pubs on the South Coast, football and the short-lived European Super League.  We even mentioned trains here and there.  Brian had a new bus, and Peter’s tram is working again (though a wheel has fallen off the other one – a bit like Croydon, really.)

We were joined towards the end by Graham, who had been cutting the grass (in the dark?) and Maxine, who doesn’t log in for too long in case she falls asleep with all the scintillating conversation about trains. 

As usual, here’s Paul’s take on the evening.  We talked about more topics than I remembered!

ESNG Zoom meeting number ‘quite a few’ took place this evening. Not too many participants, but the technical hitches were much reduced and no cats made their presence felt either. The usual wide range of topics were discussed including the rise and demise of the European Super League, model Japanese temples and shrines, importing products from overseas, preserved railways and their reopening after lockdown and the lack of Peco track at retailers. My layout was not in operation owing to ongoing engineering work which I carried on with throughout the meeting. I should complete it within the next few days and then I can sort the electrics out.


Maybe one more Zoom meeting, and then six of us should be able to meet up and perhaps even run a train or six.  I’m looking forward to it!!

Prototype for everything department – when you mess up the road markings on the layout?


And for no reason, except that the Southern Railway utility vans are probably my favourite non-passenger rolling stock.  All because I had two Hornby Dublo ones, I guess.


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