ESNG meeting – 19 May 2021

As the UK escape from lockdown continues, we were delighted to hold the first ESNG meeting for over a year.  Only six people allowed to attend, and we kept the windows and doors open, and were largely masked through the evening.  But it was great to get things back underway.

We did manage to run a few trains, although not everyone had brought trains along.  We just about remembered how to put it all together, and after a thorough track clean, amazingly, it all worked.  I brought along my container train and my Blue Spot fish train, and both happily ran around all evening.


Michael brought along a couple of panniers and some stock to run, as well.


And Chris tested his excellent scratch built Sandite unit – including directional lights at both ends.  A very nice model of an unusual unit.


And of course, there were the usual suspects!  It was good to meet up with Derek, Derek, Michael, Chris and Ian again, and we hope that these meetings, even with a few people each evening, can continue.


We finished fairly early, but it was so good to meet up again and play trains!

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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