A Swiss layout under way

Not mine, I hasten to add!!!!  I thought that I had better email Ian Milroy and tell him what I had done with his original Kuritu.  Fortunately he was complementary about the changes, and also sent me some pictures of his new layout….

Have dodged through the Covid crisis here thank you and railway modelling has saved my sanity. Thank goodness for the fifth emergency service, the delivery person. My supposed 8 year shed project seems to have accelerated in the last 12 months and is fairly complete although still plenty of room for detailing. I attach a few hastily taken photos, excuse quality. There are two main routes, a standard gauge sweeping through the foreground and of course an incorrectly gauged narrow gauge but I have tried to keep them far enough apart so it is less noticeable. The Rhb narrow gauge allows for my pet love of street running. Anyway thanks for the kind update and I really hope we can get back to Exhibition visits (myself, as a punter) in the near future and mayhap our paths will cross again. Ian. ps, my friend Robin who built San Maria Gandia with me, is progressing well with a spare bedroom layout set in Norway.


All this lockdown time has generated quite a few new railways!

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