ESNG meeting – 17 June 2021

Another club night – and the expected rain arrived half way through the evening, but without the forecast thunderstorms.  Five of us met, ran trains, and finally settled down for a long chat, leaving my Warship and parcels train doing laps of the layout.

Earlier, Simon ran a long passenger train, that kept uncoupling, Michael ran his British stock, and Derek tested a couple of locomotives.  It was good to see Ian for the first time for a while.

Looking back a meeting, here’s Brian’s video of the occasion….

And new on my bookshelf…..

  • Graham Hedges’ new ‘N’ gauge magazine.  Very nicely produced, and if you liked the N Gauge Society when he edited it, it’s more of the same.  Glossy, nice, but slightly predictable and I’m not sure that I’ll buy another one.
  • Model Railroader – 25 years of Model Railroad Planning on DVD.  This annual planning magazine is the one essential US purchase of my year, and although it has a good number of basement empires included, there are a lot of good small layout ideas.  I’m pleased to be able to get all these issues in digital form!
  • And best of the lot, Locomotives of the IOW Railways.  I’ve got the ancient, smaller and thinner version of this, dating from the 1970’s, but this is expanded with much more information.  It is also up to date, with all locomotion included up to the latest ex-tube stock.  A recommended read!


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to ESNG meeting – 17 June 2021

  1. Brian Seaman says:

    Thanks Jon – cheers from a damp IOW

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