My turn now! #1

My turn to post my holiday snaps now!  Maxine and I had three very pleasant nights on the Isle of Wight.  Great to get away after 18 month or so at home, and the weather was kind to us.

The ferry crossing is fun in itself – though I wasn’t convinced by the sat-nav!

We stayed on the southern tip of the island, an easy walk from St Catherine’s lighthouse – a beautiful spot…

But of course, my real reason for a trip to the IOW was to visit the steam railway.  Maxine may have thought rather differently, but probably guessed this to be the case.  We had an excellent run on the line.  Not hauled by a Terrier or O2 tank, just the more modern 2-6-2T, but we did get a ride in the 1880’s Stroudley 4-wheeled carriages.  And a very COVID-safe approach – each booking gets a compartment to themselves.

The early train left soon after we arrived.  I love the classic Southern Railway rail-built signals.

And then it was time for our excursion.  I like the way that Haven Street is in the middle of the line, and the loco has to run round twice on the trip.

A halt at the signals before finally entering Haven Street again at the end of the run.


A delightful little line, and I hope that they can extend the track through to Newport, as is planned.  Next post, I’ll share some of the interesting rolling stock in the shed.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to My turn now! #1

  1. Brian Seaman says:

    Glad to see the trip went well to the IOW (although Garmin looked like it had other plans for you).


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