Uckfield MRC exhibition 2021 #2

Back to Uckfield for the rest of the layouts.

Sherton Abbas in finescale ‘0’ is a delightful model, with some excellent modelling,  Yes, it’s a GWR branchline, but it’s set in the Edwardian era, when the GWR was less standardised and generally more interesting than its later years.  Definitely a show highlight!

More ‘0’ gauge, but Irish 5’3″ gauge, a scaled 36.75mm…


Newton Heath works, including ‘0’ and ‘0-16.5’ won the Wild Swan Cameo competition in 2019….


Whilst Clearwater Harbour is just On30, somewhere in North America….


Great Bardfield, in P4, is set in deepest Essex, home of light railways such as the Colne Valley….

Which leaves another GWR branch line, but another very special one.  Modbury is in 2mm finescale and again set in Edwardian days.  There’s some interesting trackwork here, as Ian Smith has modelled some of the track as Brunel’s Baulk Road – it may have been broad gauge at one time.  Another show highlight here, inspiring me to try harder!

The fiddle yard turntables were especially useful to see, with the clever latches at the end.  Lovely rolling stock, as well, especially the coaches.

So, that’s the Uckfield show.  I’m not sure where I’ll try next.  Perhaps Tolworth, as I usually find that a good show and it seems to be going ahead.  We’ll see….

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