Did I really buy all these books?

Wondering why I haven’t got much modelling done recently, I decided to have a good tidy up of my books and models.  I started in our lounge, and collected all the railway books that were lurking in various corners, to return to my bookcases in the railway room.  I was shocked to see this pile that accumulated on the sofa.  Perhaps half of them were old ones brought downstairs for reference or reading.  The rest were purchases over the past 18 months – some new, some second hand, and a few special offers that couldn’t be resisted.  I can totally blame covid and lockdowns for all this shopping!

There are definite themes here.  Isle of Wight to the left.  Southern steam in the middle.  Southern electrics to the right.  Plus some other odds and ends such as the Somerset and Dorset and the Metropolitan Railway.


I remember a quote that is actually quite accurate for reference books – “I have read all of some of them and some of all of them.”  That’s true of my railway books (and for that matter my theological and ornithological ones!)  There are some that I have read repeatedly and give me great pleasure.  Others were bought for reference, and I have used them for a particular model or planning exercise.

I just hope that the rest of you aren’t this bad!!!

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2 Responses to Did I really buy all these books?

  1. Paul Ingraham says:

    Looks like what I’ve been doing during COVID lockdowns as well! Have managed to get my stack of railway and modelling magazines sorted. I’ve scanned the articles I want to keep, then unloaded the printed versions on local club members!
    Seems my collection may be somewhat more eclectic than yours, mainly focusing on background to my five N scale modelling prototypes: Scotland, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, with some European tomes as well. Then there’s all the magazine cuttings, plans and other ephemera that accumulates over the decades.
    And I won’t even get started on my mythology, poetry and music volumes!
    Enjoyed your recent Swiss tour photos. I had a BLS layout of Blausee-Mitholz back in the 1980’s-90s and still do some Swiss modelling. And it’s fun to see Paul’s (your fellow club member) Japanese stuff, as I do a Kyushu branchline as one of my current interests.
    Paul Ingraham, Pacific International Railway and AsiaNRail Modular Group, San Francisco Bay Area, USA


    • Thanks Paul. Though you might need to look on the rest of the shelves to also discover my Pacific Electric and interurban library, and my Lehigh Valley library, to say nothing of the Great Eastern Railway, Midland and Great Northern Railway, and the layout planning library…..


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